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#define LENB

typedef signed char s8;
typedef unsigned char u8;

typedef signed short s16;
typedef unsigned short u16;

typedef signed int s32;
typedef unsigned int u32;

typedef signed long long s64;
typedef unsigned long long u64;

#define NULL 0
#define     EINVAL 22

#include "./actbl.h"
#include "./acpi.h"

//#include <linux/kernel.h>
#define KERN_INFO ""
#define KERN_ERR ""
#define KERN_WARNING ""

#define printk printf

#include "./tables.c"

//#define INPUT_FILE "madt.dat"
//#include <sys/types.h>
//#include <sys/stat.h>
//#include <fcntl.h>
//#include <stdio.h>
//#include <sys/mman.h>
#include <stdio.h> // fread
#include <stdlib.h> // malloc

int verbose = 0;
/* read standard input
 * write decoded madt to standard output
get_next_entry(acpi_table_entry_header * entry_header)
      size_t retval;

      if (verbose) printf("reading %d byte entry header\n", sizeof(acpi_table_entry_header));
      retval = fread((void *)entry_header, sizeof(acpi_table_entry_header), 1, stdin);
      return retval;

u8    buffer[1024];

      size_t retval;
      struct acpi_table_madt *madt_header;
      acpi_table_entry_header *entry_header;
      unsigned int bytes_read, csum;
      u32 expected_length;
      madt_header = (struct acpi_table_madt *)buffer;

      bytes_read = csum = 0;

      if (verbose) printf("reading %d madt header\n", sizeof(struct acpi_table_madt));

      retval = fread((void *)buffer, sizeof(struct acpi_table_madt), 1, stdin);
      if (retval != 1) {
      expected_length = madt_header->header.length;

      if (verbose) printf("header.length %d\n", madt_header->header.length);

      acpi_table_print((void*)&(buffer[bytes_read]), 0);

      bytes_read = sizeof(struct acpi_table_madt);

      while (get_next_entry((acpi_table_entry_header *)&buffer[bytes_read]) == 1)
            int read_length;

            entry_header = (acpi_table_entry_header *)&buffer[bytes_read];
            if (verbose) printf("type %d length %d\n", entry_header->type, entry_header->length);
            bytes_read += sizeof(acpi_table_entry_header);

            read_length = entry_header->length - sizeof(acpi_table_entry_header);
            if (read_length <= 0) {
                  printf("bad length %d\n", read_length);
            retval = fread((void *)&buffer[bytes_read], read_length, 1, stdin);
            if (retval != 1) {
                  perror("fread failed!");
                  goto done;
            bytes_read += read_length;

            acpi_table_print_madt_entry (entry_header);

      csum = acpi_table_compute_checksum((void *)buffer, bytes_read); 

      if (bytes_read == expected_length)
            printf("Length %d OK\n", bytes_read);
            printf("Length ERROR, read %d, expected %d\n",
                  bytes_read, expected_length);

      if (csum == 0)
            printf("Checksum OK\n");
            printf("Checksum 0x%x != 0; 0x%x in header ERROR\n", csum,

      return 0;

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